Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Real Phrasal Verbs


The following extract from the local rag offers a range of phrasal verbs in context. There's such a range of verb and particle here it is almost impossible to classify each one.

Let's start with 'make up' on its own:
Make up: K by Beverley Knight

I was into make-up at such a young age. Mum never wore much make-up so I think I made up for it.

Make-up, a noun probably derived from the phrasal verb make up, is used here in the same breath as make up for something.
The individual meanings of these two phrasal verbs are very different, but they each offer a chance for us to try and understand the use(s) of the particle "up".
Kiss and make up

As if that wasn't enough, Beverely Knight (for it is she) reportedly continues:

From about 12 or 13 I wanted to have a full face of make-up on and it never went down too well with her. I just found I had a knack for applying it and I ended up the girl who did everyone's make-up before we went out.

We have, in context and in order, the following verbs and particles:
have something on
go down well with something
end up
go out

Oh, that would go down well with some tortilla chips
As in all cases, no matter how you may wish to categorise them, the key is to see what meaning the particle contributes, before looking at how that meaning is modified by the verb.

Acknowledgment: K. Crane. 2010. A Knight in Beverley Hills. Tabloid, Gulf News, Jan 10, 2010, p.9

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