Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Do the Doodle

Running a poll, trying to schedule an extra class, arranging a lunch or a meeting or just trying to schedule an event with  lots of other busy people? Doodle is the place for you. This quick-and-easy site allows you to choose timeslots and then send an email asking your guests what is the best time for everyone. You will instantly see who has replied and how many people are still to say when they are free. The timeslot that most people choose becomes the winner!! Then you get Doodle to confirm the time with everyone. You can then integrate the scheduled time with the software calendar of your choice. It's that easy.

You can sign up for an account, or just use the site as and when you need it. There is also a 'premium' service - isn't there always! Find out more from the Doodle site.

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