Sunday, September 18, 2016

Just How Tasty is Englicious?

I just became a member of (username n.moore). It cost me nothing and offers a range of calorie-free menus full of in-class information and activities linking the ever-spectacular Survey of English Usage with the UK national curriculum for English, including samples of tests.
I found out about it because of an advert for a job. The site organisers are looking for someone to update the site. Cos... Damn! It needs it! It is white, or yellow, or red on black - never good on the eyes - and while I would rarely disagree with the information it provides, it is kinda - how can you say this politely? - DULL! The classroom activities provide a variety of activities to raise awareness of the many categories of grammar in the menus which can be ordered by level, grammar, and activity type as well as being fully searchable. As you can imagine, all examples are taken from 'the Survey' and represent authentic language use.  I hope this is a work-in-progress and that 'the Survey' can find someone who will be able to develop the resources here further.

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