Monday, June 6, 2011

An Introduction to Linguistics and Language Studies

At last an introductory linguistics textbook that takes a clearly functional-linguistic line on all issues, without neglecting all of the important areas of the field. There are lots of well-chosen real-life examples to make the clear text and interesting discussions more relevant to new students of linguistics.
Here's a list of the chapters:
1. An Introduction to Linguistics and Language Studies
2. A Focus on Spoken Interaction
3. Analyzing Written Language
4. Language and Mind
5. Language Change
6. Language Variation
7. Language, Biology and Learning
8. Fields of Linguistics
Chapter 8 is subdivided into 13 areas such as clinical linguistics, computational linguistics and psycholinguistics. I will definitely be looking closely at this book to see if I can use it as my main coursebook for "Introduction to Linguistics" & I suggest that you do, too.
Congratulations to Anne McCabe on a job well done.
I will post a link to the Linguistlist review (& any others) when it is ready.

Go here for the publisher's page

Also from the publisher's page, here is the first chapter (click on each page to enlarge) to give you a taster of the style and the level of the book:

And here's another perspective (from linguistlist).

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