Tuesday, July 3, 2012

GoAnimate! Star Trek & Information Structure

I prepared this for IFSC39 as part of my presentation. Well, it's their fault. If you are going to give your conference the title of "To Boldly Go" you are asking for it.
TOS_Information by NickMoore on GoAnimate

Animation Software - Powered by GoAnimate.
I am expecting a few spare Aussie trekkies on the first day, at least!
And the presentation is here:


  1. HI Nick
    I really enjoyed looking at your presentation and animation here, sorry I missed it at the conference though. Have you thought about adding your audio along with the presentation? I would love to hear it too.
    Anyway all the best

  2. Thanks Paula, I'm glad you liked it.
    You're right, it would be better with a 'voiceover.' If I can find the time I will challenge myself to prepare it as a self-sufficient presentation.