Tuesday, March 27, 2018

LLL: Language, Literacy & Learning

So, I felt I just had to post this notice of this  workshop arranged by University of Reading's 'Language and Literacy in Education' group, called Language, Literacy and Learning in EAL children. Well, it almost matches the name of this blog, doesn't it?

This is an event from a fairly new research group, so I wish them well.

I missed the workshop, which took place on 21st March, but you can still find slides from the main presenters from here.

To quote from the site:
The event focused on four areas of research and practice with EAL children:
• Policy (Emily Waddilove and Naomi Flynn)
• Assessment (Katherine Solomon and Claudine Bowyer–Crane)
• Vocabulary, language and literacy (Kay Clarke and Holly Joseph)
• Home language and literacy (Jamie Earnshaw and Hamish Chalmers)

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