Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brighten up your Event Planning with EventBrite

Have you got a workshop, conference or other event, but haven't got the time to register everyone with the relevant details? Does it need a professional website announcement with a map, plus all the necessary information? Well, there's a website that will quickly and painlessly do all of that for you - and much, much more. And all for FREE!!

Eventbrite was recommended by our friendly librarians in Dubai Women's College, and we have both used it for the ReadingRoadshows in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here's what the Abu Dhabi one looks like. It took me about 15 minutes to set up - from scratch, for the first time! With an Eventbrite URL of my choice!!!

When someone registers, the attender and the organiser get an email message with a pdf attachment which is the ticket. On the ticket (which can be of any category and any number of categories that you decide) there is all the information required, including an Eventbrite-generated map of the venue, and there is a bar-code and a QR-code. With a free app, this means you can check in your attendees with an android or apple device, with a barcode scanner, or by hand on any number of devices simultaneously.

And that's not all. You can set up the registration form to ask for and/or require other information, such as phone numbers, address, position at work etc., or you can add any question you wish. This data can then be exported, and may also be collated and compared across events. I haven't even told you about the billing facilities it offers, because I haven't used them, but they can take care of everything there as long as you provide your account details.

Perhaps I am very easily impressed, but I am REALLY impressed with Eventbrite.

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