Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reading Roadshow

The "Power of One" campaign continues.

Tom Le Seelleur (yes, him again) & the gang (yes, that includes me again) are organising a series of workshops for teachers called the "Reading Roadshow." We will provide free workshops (and lots of prizes) on a Wednesday afternoon in a different Emirate every month as part of the campaign to encourage the country to read for pleasure.

Our first event in Sharjah was well attended and we were fortunate to be supported by Pearson the publishers, the British Council, International House - DubaiAl Mutannabi bookshop and the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature. The speakers were Julia Johnson - an children's author whose books celebrate Arabic culture - and Catherine Namoor & Alicia Salaz who talked about developing READ posters with local relevance. We will provide workshops in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, before travelling to the other Emirates.

Further details are on the Reading Roadshow website.

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