Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Christian Matthiessen @ Register & Context 2012

In this talk from the Register and Context Symposium 2012, Christian Matthiessen offers, among other things, his 'wheel of register' which relates the field mode and tenor of different written and spoken genres. The link to the symposium also offers a wide range of resources and links to other videos.

Part 1 of the talk (Video 1 is an introduction by Annabelle)
Part 2 of the talk
Always a pleasure to hear you talk, Christian, and thanks so much to Annabelle Lukin for organising the symposium and for making the talks available at the time and through the SFL group on Vimeo. Also available from the Vimeo site are videos featuring Ruqaiya Hasan and there's more to come. If you are interested in these and similar videos, Annabelle requests that you  join the group so we can see how much interest there is.

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