Monday, April 30, 2012

Lessons Worth Sharing - TedEd

Those lovely people at TED have come up with a new idea they call TedEd. Just like the RSAnimate videos by CognitiveMedia (see the Ian McGilchrist post), they want to combine great talks with great pictures on a video, but they know they can't stop there. Each video is accompanied by quick quiz questions, open ended questions and resources.

Watch the Video - The folks at TEDEd explain it very clearly!

Again, though that is not enough. You can also "Flip" the video - which means you can customise the 'package' to suit your class. You can edit the title, the quiz and "think deeper" questions and the resources. And, but, that's not all. You can then "flip" any YouTube video and make it into a TedEd format video lesson.
So here's my flipping attempt - a short video from YouTube on the history of writing with some questions, some resources and a research project. Here's another flipping attempt. This one uses a video about Everett's claims about Pirahã.

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